2013 Internet of things Mash-up Day

23 July 2013 00:00

On July 23rd at the University of Oxford the Open Source Webinos project is hosting an IOT workshop day at the University of Oxford on the 23rd of July.
Attendees will get free implementation consultancy, meet with like minded people and be part of the expert briefing sessions.
The following of our demos will be available on the day:
  • TV: integrated multi device TV and multimedia consumption, Making use of Raspberry PIs, Androsticks, mobile remote controls and Sat>IP devices.
  • Integrated vehicle demos: including head unit integration and Black box systems and ODBII interfaces
  • Wireless health devices: blood sugar monitors, wireless scales and activity monitors.
  • Home automation demonstrations: lighting controls, thermostatic controls
  • Reference board kits: including the obligatory Arduino and Raspberry Pi installations
At the event you will see how all these data feeds from diverse types can be “mashed up” from local and remote data sources and configured and consumed by a wide spectrum of simple to write applications. The day will be split into two halves:
A series of brief talks given by industry experts. Rapidly get up to speed with some of the most significant developments in the IOT/M2M/sensor industry
webinos developers will give one-on-one consultation on deep technical issues, and for those bringing devices to the event, hands-on assistance working with and integrating the code
More information on the event can be found on our website here.