AI at the Edge – Using SmartEdge Agile to develop faster & more secured IoT Solutions

6 June 2019 08:00 - 6 June 2019 08:00

USA, IL, 76024

This Webinar introduces a new category of IoT solution known as ‘Meta-Sensing’, and the industry-first Meta-Sensing product known as SmartEdge Agile. This revolutionary solution employs hardware and software that allows engineers working at all levels to develop and deploy IoT solutions faster and more efficiently, with AI & Security at the Edge.

Through this demonstration, you will learn how to create complex Machine Learning model on the fly with a no coding approach, creating in a few days an IOT project to solve your industrial and business problems.

This webinar will includes a demonstration of Brainium Portal doing a real-time model creation with supervised learning that will be deployed at the Edge on the Agile, using the industry most popular Raspberry Pi as a gateway to send events and alerts to the cloud, using the end to end security model.

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Introduction to IOT challenges : AI & Security
Brainium Product introduction – AI & Security positioning
Accelerate your AI project – Supervised Learning
Making AI real – Motion AI [demonstrate real world example using Fitness Motion training & recognition]
Resources & Support
What you will learn

How to use AI/ML without being data scientists
Benefits of having AI at the Edge
Importance of end to end security from device to the cloud
How to start an IOT Project using AI in few days