The API Hour: IoT Day

8 October 2015 09:00

Discover the final event about IoT and Wearables, “The API Hour: IoT Day” at the BBVA Innovation Center.

• The Internet of Things will be the star in a unique event next October 8, 2015 with over 18 speakers, experts, debates and demos of the most innovative and disruptive projects.

• APIs and IoT join in a meeting that held within the cycle “The API Hour” some of the most relevant professional and followers of this trend in the IT sector.

• With the participation of Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, BBVA,  Fitbit,  Zerintia, Telefónica, Insteon, Libelium, Aborda, IDC, Think Big Factory, Carriots, Cooking Hacks, BEEVA, Genoa, M2M Consultancy and Meetup IoT Madrid among others.

This October marks the IoT Day in a special edition of The API Hour – the most ambitious and futuristic one – focused entirely on Internet of Things (IoT), the technological trend that is transforming the world we know, approaching a future in which it is anticipated that in 2020 more than 50.000 million objects will be connected to the Internet.

We will approach to this new hyper-connected world where everything could be linked to the Internet, generating challenges and opportunities we can just guess, with the help of the best experts. To do this, we will have real pilots and live project demos that will surprise you.

In this session we will not forget the APIs and its close relationship with IoT. The API Hour: IoT Day gives attendees the opportunity to see the technologies, projects and innovative initiatives around concepts like Internet of Things, Internet of Everything and wearables devices, and how APIs become an essential element to enable that hyper-connectivity. Attendees will attend an interesting networking-lunch and lectures and meetings about sensors, Smart cities, home automation, new user experiences, connected vehicles, wearables, IoT in education, business and daily life, M2M and many interesting projects.

If you are a passionate about innovation and you work with the latest technologies, don’t miss the new edition of The API Hour, an event that will definitely change the idea you have about the future. All information and Access to free registration (limited tickets) is available on the web:

More details about the event can be found at: