Build End-to-End IoT Solutions (h/w & s/w) – Live Online Workshop

14 May 2016 06:00 - 23 May 2016 19:00

Build your own IoT Solutions with Hardware and Software!

Get IoT Certified!

Case Studies for Logistics & Home Automation

Starting Date : 14th May, – 5 Days IoT Expert Live Online Workshop with Hands-On

You know why every big company is rushing to adapt IoT in their business?? , why so much Hype around IoT??

Because IoT is the FUTURE:

IoT is applicable everywhere and in every field of science. It’s for everyone.  IoT has unlimited opportunities for Innovation, Jobs, Business, Hobby and Research. Every one of us can find the fit in this new boom.

We Invite you join us and give your career a boost in this technological revolution.

The Training covers all aspects of IoT like:-

• Understanding IoT and it’s business

• End to End IoT Architecture

• Sensors and Embedded Systems

• Hardware & Software Platform for IoT

• All network protocols for IoT (to connect devices)

• Cloud, Web Services, Big Data, Big Data Analytic and Visualization

• Practical for all above mentioned topics

• Get your hands to hardware and Create your own IoT Devices

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Sarath Varma