Building End to End IoT Solutions with Hardware & Software – IoT Live Online Training

12 December 2015 08:00

This is a interactive online workshop delivered by World leaders in IoT Training, Pyush & Manish.

All the sessions are Live sessions, where you speak and discuss your queries with speakers.

This IoT training covers each and every aspect of IoT Ecosystem from hardware to software and is built to give you at least a 3-4 month jumpstart in IoT space with hands-on experience. Few Training Outcomes:

• Hands-On Experience of building an End – to – End IoT Solution by yourself including hardware and software

• Case Studies For Logistics & Home Automation

• You understand the IoT Architecture, its components, their working and End – to – End IoT working

• Get IoT Certification, and support for your projects / experiments after the training

• Get complete IoT Kit and training manual.

Axelta Systems is into IoT Products, Solutions, Consultancy and IoT Training.

Axelta IoT Academy is the world’s largest IoT Trainer.

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