Celebrating IoT Day 2013 at Makespace Madrid

9 April 2013 18:30 - 9 April 2013 21:00

We’re truly happy to announce Internet of Things Day 2013 celebration at IoT Madrid Meetup group.
On April 9th, we will gather at the new Makespace Madrid, to check out some inspiring demos and presentations about IoT projects developed in Spain. Presentations will begin at 19:00h
Here is the agenda:
-Daniel Berenguer will present Panstamp, an open low-cost wireless sensor network platform compatible with Arduino that enables faster and easier deployments of custom solutions.
– Fernando Depalma will present Nearbus platform, that enables cloud-based IoT deployment. He will do a live demo using his i-Coffe Maker coffe machine.
Javier Zorzano will talk about the GSM/GPRS shield developed along Arduino at Telefónica Digital. He will show some very practical examples of this technology.
Walter Colitti will talk about developing IoT solutions using open protocols, his research area at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Afterwards he will show some examples with sensors and actuators.
Javier Montaner will speak about his CallinGBox project, a service that enables elderly people to call their beloved ones in an easy way. After the presentation, he will demo the service using an Arduino based prototype.
This celebration will be quite international as we will offer information about other European groups and projects. We will have a live streaming corner connected to the IoT London Meetup at Imperial College (and maybe some others) where we could contact interesting project leaders across borders in both ways.
Sara and I (César) would like to thank all our members and supporters that have made this possible. Let’s celebrate it together!
Drinks and nibbles sponsored by panStamp.