Chain of Things – Blockchain and IoT Conference – Solar Case Study

1 June 2016 09:00

Chain of Things (CoT) is a consortium that is exploring the role blockchain may have in providing security for the Internet of Things.

The purpose of this conference is to examine CoT’s first full stack industrial blockchain+IoT case study.

Learn from Industry experts as they discuss the results of the study and present on security, IoT, and blockchain technology.


IoT is outpacing security. Hacks are very common and increasing. As the world becomes more connected this risk is compounded and can become systemic.


Bitcoin is money open on the internet and still hasn’t been hacked, so what properties does blockchain have that enhance the trustless nature and security of IoT? What can IoT learn from bitcoin and blockchain technology to make it bulletproof?

Whether you’re a designer, engineer, entrepreneur, or enthusiast, you are invited to join us and discover the new developments that are unfolding in the IoT landscape. Find out more here.