China Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Summit 2016

23 May 2016 08:30 - 24 May 2016 18:00

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has spearheaded the “Made in China 2025” plan, a symbolic progressive plan that proposes on targeting manufacturing giants within the next 10 years. During the next decade, industries, such as the automobile industry, must assess four measurements: enhancement of creativity & productivity, manufacturing quality, industrial integration and information, and green-efficient development. Li Dong, co-director of MIIT, said that smart manufacturing projects would further expand by 2016, and fully operational by 2017. An overhaul and upgrade into the automotive industry is beginning to emerge; the intelligent and connected vehicle, as well as telematics, have become an essential and important step in current automotive R&D. The intelligent and integrated car not only introduces car owners to new driving experiences, but also promotes better driver safety and environmental benefits.

The China Intelligent & Connected Vehicle Summit 2016 aims at sharing and discussing the latest topics in the intelligent and connected vehicle, including the developing trends in the automotive industry, national policies and exploration of the intelligent car, in-car data analysis, the inter-connectivity of the car and its surroundings, real-time connectivity, market trends, and such. At the same time, it serves at allowing people to better understand, comprehend, and incorporate technology and make business operation and development within future cars successful.

This high-profile summit will be held on May 23rd and 24th, 2016 in Shanghai, China at the DoubleTree Hilton Shanghai in Pudong.

Here’s a list of the other topics covered at this event:

— An In-Depth Analysis of the Goals and Challenges of the Intelligent Vehicle in 2025

— The Trends and Development of the Intelligent and Connected Vehicle in China

— Improved Traffic Safety Through Advanced Automated Technologies

— Auto 2025: Industry and Consumer Perspective of the Self-enabling Vehicle

— Panel Discussion: How Cross-border Cooperation will Affect Future Traditional

— Automotive Industry, Future Intelligent and Connected Automotive

— Data and the Connected Vehicle

— Convenience is King – Enhancing the Driving Experience through Intelligent

— Innovation and Technology

— Smart Mobility Meets Sustainability

— The Digital Map – Emergence in Era of Autonomous Driving

— Improved Mobile LTE and Smart Phones Reception in Vehicles

— Integrated Safety System and the Pursuit of Zero Casualties

— Open Vehicle-Mounted Internet Technology Platform

— Navigation Tools, the On-Board Systems, and their User Interface

— The Future of In-Vehicle Infotainment

— Effective Automotive Cyber Security Strategies

— Applying Smart Technologies in Auto Parts Bring to New Experience

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