ClueCon 2016

7 July 2016 13:00

ClueCon was founded in 2005 by an aspiring team of Asterisk software developers who wanted to push the envelope and set out to bring all of the open source projects to one place to gather their wisdom and make Open Source Telephony a disruptive force in the industry. By the 2nd year in 2006, that team of developers, inspired by the the first ClueCon, had created a brand new Open Source Telephony application. That application was called FreeSWITCH. Over the years, ClueCon and FreeSWITCH have continued to grow and benefit from one another. Every year the core members of the FreeSWITCH team still produce and oversee the conference blending a diverse collection of speakers and technology presentations that continue to inspire the way forward to combine knowledge and collaboration and create the bleeding edge of technology-driven communication.

ClueCon is not a typical cookie-cutter EXPO that aims to get you face to face with a salesman in an endless sea of booths. ClueCon was designed to bring everyone interested in technology-driven communication to one place to share ideas, learn from each other and build the tools needed to succeed at any goals you have. Everyone has something to gain from a seasoned web developer playing with new ideas all the way to CEO of a technology company looking to take advantage of real-time communication. Presentations are given in a large classroom format and plenty of time is reserved for social interaction and getting to know the speakers and sponsors.

The motto of our conference is “A conference for developers, by developers”.  We focus on communication and getting people talking and sharing ideas. We have open discussions at the end of each presentation and a hearty lunch each day with plenty of banter.

Each day is filled with interesting presentations in a relaxed atmosphere. You can watch a demo on the latest and greatest innovation in VoIP, or take a break and chat with your favorite open source developer or all of your friends that you usually only see online. ClueCon is the very best opportunity to get under the hood of many telephone related products and learn from the actual developers who made them possible.