Connecting European innovators to ICT test facilities

27 June 2014 09:00

4 Place Jussieu, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, France

This workshop targets high-tech startups and SMEs developing future internet technologies and applications, and web entrepreneurs to help them understand how they use ICT test facilities to validate new products and services. 
This 1-day event will showcase FIRE test facilities and EIT ICT Labs FanTaaStic project.
Europe’s FIRE initiative has developed large-scale test beds and platforms that support experimentally driven research and innovation so we can fast forward to the future internet. FanTaaStic is moving towards becoming an EIT ICT co-location centre based experimental facility, brokering across multiple distributed tested infrastructures.
Takeaways include:
  • Getting to grips with FIRE test facilities, opportunities available and benefits of coming on board.
  • Learning how to transform your ambitious and innovative ideas into new products and services by testing and validating them on advanced ICT facilities.
  • Seeing how the FanTaaStic project is leading the way towards sustainable FIRE and ICT test facilities.
  • Gaining insights into EIT ICT Labs, its strategic agenda 2014-2016 and its collaboration with FIRE.
  • Networking with innovation champions from companies, large and small.
More details about the workshop can be found at: