Copenhagen Business School

12 April 2013 09:00

Copenhagen Business School


In 2012, a group of researchers at Copenhagen Business School, Institute for IT Management, established a work group on the Internet of Things. The IoT group is currently involved in research and designs projects within the field of the Internet of Things. The IoT group is open, works across institutions, companies and state borders and invites other researchers to co-operate.



The goal for the day is to identify project ideas in the field of the Internet of Things, and to give the participants the opportunity to connect and co-operate.


9:00Registration, Coffee and Tea
9:30Welcome and introduction by professor Janni Nielsen, CBS ITM
10:001st project presentation and feedback. Why there is no market for the Smart Grid and what to do about it. Adjunct professor Kim Østrup and Assoc. professor Rasmus Ulslev Pedersen


10:452nd project presentation and feedback. The Epital. A new way of organizing a health care system for patients with chronic diseases. Chief physicians Klaus Phanareth, Søren Vingtoft and PhD Anders Skovbo Christensen


11:203rd project presentation and feedback: Technological aspects of Internet of Things. Professor Jan Madsen, DTU – Denmark’s Technological University


12:004th presentation. A funding strategy for Copenhagen Business School. The presentation will show how important it is to generate externally financed projects. By Philipp Ostrowicz, the Dean’s office.
12:15Lunch (host: CBS)
13:30Strategy 2014 – Discussion of possible common actions 2014. Creation of an Idea Board with new aspects and ideas. Facilitators: Thomas Sørensen and Ivan Häuser


Production of new IoT project ideas while walking and talking.

1st round: 13:35-14:20

Plenary session and coffee: 14:20-15:15

2nd round: 15:15-16:00

Plenary session: 16:00-16:45


16:45Conclusion of the day, Assoc. prof. Leif Bloch Rasmussen, CBS ITM