Data visualizations – a must-have technology in order to get insights from IoT data

12 October 2017 17:30 - 12 October 2017 19:30

3101 East President George Bush Hwy, Suite 250, Dallas, TX, 75082


IoT devices collect data in various formats and it is a challenging task to process all the gathered data and blend in reference data from within an organization in order to derive actionable insights. Here is where data visualization can be of great help in analyzing and translating the data into a language that is simple to understand and process while being visually presentable.

When we talk about data visualization, most people think about graphs or infographics showing something vaguely interesting. They see it as just some gimmicky, marketing exercise. However, data visualizations tools are much more than that. The real purpose of a data visualization tool is to give enterprises the ability to rapidly and effortlessly evaluate your business and identify hidden patterns and trends in your IoT data.

In our session, we are going to discuss visualizations and its potential to help businesses improve decision making by visualizing and analyzing data generated by the Internet of Things. Decision makers will learn how indispensable it is for enterprises to use data visualization tools in order to transform IoT data into meaningful insights.


– Intro to data visualization
– Role of data visualization in IoT
– Business use cases
– Data visualization demos / dashboards
– Azure Machine Learning
– Q&A session