Deployment & Monetization Opportunities For Industrial IoT Companies

8 August 2016 13:00

Turning that “Dumb” object at your place to a “Smart” product is a dream to every Internet of Things provider today. It is amazing how they are overcoming security, privacy and standard challenges and managing to create an immense technological buzz globally. Industrial Internet of Things is a beautiful technology concept of implementing IoT in the manufacturing realm. Apart from manufacturing, players from all other industries like healthcare, automotive, electronics, ICT and others have begun to invest into the connected world- To Turn the Buzz into Reality!

While reducing expenditure, increasing returns and creating differentiation are the primary goals aimed by any vendor today, IndustryARC has noted a catch! A whopping 55-65% of the organizations do not generate service revenues from their IoT solutions!! This is a clear indication to provoke thoughts and figure out ways to simplify deployment and monetization process around the globe.

So how are Leaders Planning to Bridge this Gap through Deployment and Monetization?
• Smart Usage of Big Data and of SaaS might very well enhance results out of the box
• Intelligent ways to convert a consumer offering into a business version
• Understanding the intense importance of leveraging software services
• Recognizing the value of a middleman to ease out the expensive nature of IIoT to common man
• Discovering how organizations can connect with each other or relevant partners to widen financial fortunes
• Uplift the often neglected “Economy Framework” which is noted to be extremely essential to nurture a healthy ROI and analyze other investments made into IIoT.