Enabling Remote Diagnostics for IoT Devices

12 November 2014 00:00

On November 12th Marty Bakal from Flexera Software and Devang Mehta from Glassbeam will be hosting a Webinar on Enabling Remote Diagnostics for IoT Devices.

Event Description:
“IOT-enabled devices have some kind of connection to the Internet but typically you can’t debug them in the field easily. The only way is to get a log file; but many times this is tough because their interfaces were designed around the business use cases and not retrieving log files. In addition once you get the log files it may contain unstructured or semi-structured data and trying to do any analysis is needle in a haystack type of work. When you start adding the number of customers for any given product and this task becomes huge.
This Webinar will show how Flexera Software and Glassbeam can help both in retrieval and analysis of log files to enable companies to do remote diagnostics on IoT enabled devices. These diagnostics, and powerful analytics built around the data, can help in reducing support costs and to realize new revenue streams.”
To attend the free event please visit: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/10105/129567