Evenings @ THE MEME

13 August 2015 18:00

Everyday objects are becoming smarter. They can sense what goes on in the environment, collect information about us, and tailor our interactions and experiences in innovative ways.

And now these things are starting to connect with one another, creating new ecosystems of products and services that require a novel approach to how we imagine, design, and make.

THE MEME invites you to an evening of conversation where we will be Re-imagining Connected Objects. Join experienced leaders in the field as they discuss how they are researching, developing, and making the next generation of connected object experiences.

This is our second IoT event this year (the first on Meetup!), so keep an eye out for updates. We have two speakers confirmed for the panel: David Rose (CEO at Ditto Labs, Author of Enchanted Objects, Lecturer & Researcher at MIT Media Lab) and Joseph Biron (VP of IoT Technology at ThingWorx).

More details about the event can be found at: http://www.meetup.com/Evenings-at-TheMEME/events/223577355/