First Tuesday Seminar Series: The Internet of Things – A Vision to Change our World w/ Steve Halliday

2 April 2013 18:00

Steve Halliday, President – High Tech Aid
It’s hard to pick up a technical magazine or even some of the mainline news journals without seeing something about the Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine to Machine (M2M). This far reaching use of technology seems to be everywhere. But what does it mean to our lives at home and at work?
IoT applications are already being developed everywhere. Other organizations are predicting similar numbers with GE talking about the interconnectivity bringing an increase in efficiency of 1 to 1.5% and a resulting trillions of dollars increase in global GDP.
This presentation will help you to understand why this paradigm shift will impact us all in our home and business lives and why you need to be looking towards embracing the concepts now. Examples of the IoT and its far reaching impact will be discussed. You will learn where it is being used today, and what applications are prime candidates for tomorrow. Understand why companies like IBM, CISCO, Bosch, GE, Samsung, and Google are developing hardware and applications to take advantage of the IoT.
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