FREE Webinar – Building Your Career in IoT

7 January 2016 09:30

Axelta IoT Academy brings to you-

A FREE Webinar on – “Building Your Career in IoT”

A must for everyone who wants to understand the scope of IoT and where they can be part of this future enabling wave.

If you have ever asked yourself – “How can I be a part of this biggest technology wave – IoT”?  or

How can I make my career in IoT and also utilize my current skills?

Here are your answers:

Building career in IoT is not about re-inventing things from scratch. You can utilize your current technical/analytical/Business/Sales/domain/Testing skills and become a part of IoT Ecosystem quickly.

Pyush & Manish, co-founders of Axelta Systems – world’s largest and most coveted IoT Trainers, will guide you on how to make roadmap for transition from your current role to IoT. Specifically, this webinar covers:

-Making Career in IoT without changing you domain
-What additional skills are needed to be a part of IoT Ecosystem
-How you should go about it without losing your current experience value.

More details about the event can be found at: