FREE Webinar on – IoT – Unprecedented Startup Opportunity

9 February 2016 20:00

IoT is leading to creation of the largest start-up ecosystem with 1000’s of start-ups already in the space worldwide with space for 10000s of more start-ups.

– Are you wanting to do something exciting?

– Are you bored with your current job and want to build your own start-up?

– Do you want to learn from experienced entrepreneurs on what, why, how of building a successful start up?

Join this webinar to learn about how you can leverage your current strengths and expertise and build a highly rewarding IoT start-up. Learn about how Axelta became profitable quickly and is today a leading Indian IoT start-up.

In this webinar we talk about

– Opportunities in IoT (How to utilize your domain skills to the max)

– Best start-up practices to avoid pitfalls

– Financing – how to?

– Talent sourcing – how to?

– Hardware challenge (Myth or real)

– Key Success factors

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