GE Predix Cincinnati (Industrial Internet)

22 June 2016 15:00

6:00 – Doors Open!
Check in and enjoy food and drink from the Tap Room!

6:30 – Industrial Internet of Things Opportunities. Welcome, Introductions, and a bit about the Industrial IoT and how Predix can help you

by Jon Zucker, Predix Developer Community Manager

6:45 – Predix Technical Demo

by Tom Turner, Predix Software Development Manager

7:00 – Tracking assets with the easy to use, powerful Predix Asset NoSQL database

by Richard Dost, Predix Developer Evangelist GE Digital

7:15 – Why Cloud Foundry?

by Altoros

7:30 – Apps Built on Predix

by Altoros

7:45 – 9:00 Socializing and networking. Open for questions!