Getting Started in IoT: A Panel Discussion on Creating Connected Products

7 November 2014 00:00


The world of connected devices is expanding before our eyes. Cisco is predicting 40 billion devices out there by 2020, which seems more and more likely with all the new and innovative products coming to market. But for the manufacturers looking to jump into the fray, the question is where to start?

Creating a connected device can seem like a daunting task for both the traditional manufacturer as well as the start up if its not your area of expertise. So, where do you start? What technologies do you need to leverage? Do you know what you need to know to develop something that is secure and scalable? What pitfalls should you be wary of?

In this panel discussion we will explore what you really need to think about when creating a connected device with our panel of experts, Rod McLane with Ayla Networks, Mehul Udani with Murata Manufacturing and Jordan Monroe with Owlet Baby Care.

Topics will include:

  • What it means to work with an “end-to-end” IoT platform
  • Key considerations of a connected device
  • How to achieve the quickest time to market
  • Architecting a secure solution in IoT
  • How to navigate common IoT pitfalls