Global IoT Day Event Vienna 2015

9 April 2015 08:00 - 9 April 2015 21:00

A day full of talks about the “Internet of Things and Services”. – An European Internet of Things Conference in Vienna, Austria, Europe.

09. April 2015 will be the Global IoT Day again.

“IoT Vienna” will join this worldwide celebration with a European conference about the “Internet of Things and Services”: the GLOBAL IOT DAY EVENT 2015 in Vienna.

With this event, we want to bring people, companies, universities and institutions together to share their knowledge, experience, resources and contacts to improve the cooperation in the field of IoT in Europe. Plus, we want to make the thriving IoT communities visible to the public: Ideas, know-how, experts and companies are found not only overseas, but also right here in Europe, and Vienna is one of the hot spots.

What is special about this event is not only its spirit but also that it is FOR FREE, because the speakers will give their talk for free as well.


The GLOBAL IOT DAY EVENT is not only intended as a networking platform for IT professionals and companies, but it reaches out to the general public. The Internet of Things and Services is going to impact our lives. This event is an opportunity to look behind the scenes of the ongoing this technological revolution and to find out where we are headed.

We expect about 600 attendees. Among them, there will be

  •     IoT professionals
  •     IT students
  •     IoT startups
  •     small, medium and large companies
  •     people involved in IT education
  •     representatives of Politics and Economy
  •     and other people interested in new technologies

from Central Europe (Austria/Vienna in particular).

More details about the event can be found at: