IDC Internet of Things 2015

15 September 2015 09:00

The era of Internet of Things is here with a potential to radically transform businesses and society. With IoT, companies enhance their operations and gain real-time insights, improve efficiencies, develop new business models and deliver innovative services, among other significant benefits. However, the IoT industry is facing a number of challenges that hinder its growth, such as lack of standardization, security, privacy and a skill gap.

As the discussion about how to seize the IoT opportunity intensifies, IDC is introducing a series of events helping the ecosystem players to address existing concerns and to shape their strategies. The IoT series will discuss local, regional and global state of the industry with its progress, challenges and outlook. Keynote speakers from most innovative companies will share lessons learned from IoT deployments, technological advancements in specific domains, and future industry trends.

The conference will provide insights on:

       – Existing and emerging applications in respective verticals     Â
       – How to transform customer experience and gain competitive advantages with IoT
       – How to cope with convergence of operations technology and information technology
       – Challenges arising with the great volumes, velocity and variety of the IoT data
       – The role of Big Data and new approaches to data processing and analytics.
       – Security and privacy challenges of IoT

IDC Connect – the concept of roundtable discussions will provide participants a unique opportunity to meet main influencers across industry verticals: to connect with vendors, operators, regulators, government agencies and investors, and address key topics in roundtable discussions.

Who Should Attend:

– CIOs, CTOs, IT Strategists
– Privacy Officers, Network Security Managers, Server Application Managers
– Heads of Digital Strategy, IT Managers, Heads of Departments – Purchase Managers, IT Specialists

Industries Represented:

– Energy and Utilities
– Manufacturing , Wholesale and Retail Trading
– Transportation and Logistics
– Government and Public Sector
– Telecommunications and Media
– Business Services
– Banking and Financial Services Providers, Insurance and Pension Funds – Healthcare

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