IDC’s Internet of Things Breakfast Briefing 2014: Wellington

6 November 2014 07:30

Intercontinental Hotel, Wellington, New Zealand

The Internet of Things (IoT) has found itself arise from the Third Platform and firmly take its position as being a perfect example of how big data, cloud, mobility and social can come together. Up until now, IoT has been mostly big numbers stating the vast potential of this market. Yet, at this point in 2014, we are seeing a significant shift from this IoT being a supply driven concept to the early indications of real demand.

Tomorrow´s ICT environment is being reshaped by everything software defined, and not every CIO is ready for this. Does IoT bring chaos or creativity to CIOs? Do enterprises have a future in this new order, or do service providers become the face of ICT?

Deconstructing its complexity is the first step to understanding the impact and clarity around what IoT means and how it can benefit organisations. This event will explore the international trends & innovations within the IoT ecosystem.

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