IMPACT Smart Lighting 2014

23 April 2014 08:30

The Smart Lighting Series will focus on the revolution of the Solid State Lighting (SSL) industry and how it relates to building automation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Topics include: 

Identify key trends in building automation and how smart lighting will drive commercial and retail adoption.

Address key questions:

Is smart lighting technology ready? Where are the opportunities for semiconductor companies?
Where is the need/demand for smart lighting in commercial and residential applications?
Where are the development bottlenecks?
As the development of solid state lighting (SSL) continues to advance, it opens the possibilities of integrating sensors, controls, connectivity and communications into luminaires. As individual luminaires become smarter, the opportunity to integrate them into cost-effective smart buildings, automobiles and other applications emerges as a profitable business opportunity. Commercial real estate offers one of the largest market opportunities for smart lighting, though ironically, SSL has made the least penetration into the commercial office lighting space.

Keynotes include Cisco and PG&E, as well as Semico’s CTO, Tony Massimini who will open the discussion with Semico’s take on the IoT, Smart Home and how sensors will change the industry.

And you won’t want to miss Light Think Studios, DainTree, Intematix, Lightera and PNNL as they open a discussion on the panel entitled Smart Lighting: The Gateway to IoT?

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