Industry Workshop on the Internet of Things and Services

8 December 2014 00:00 - 8 December 2014 00:00

500 East 4th Street, Austin, TX 78701, USA

The Internet of Things and Services (IoTS) will be one of the next big things. By enabling all kinds of smart objects, such as intelligent sensors and actuators, to communicate and interact with each other across different networks and domains, a plethora of new services & applications may be created, thus bearing the potential to create substantial new markets and to revolutionize existing ones. Future Smart Factories, for example, will exhibit an unprecedented degree of flexibility and versatility, Smart Homes will improve the comfort, convenience and energy-efficiency at your home and Intelligent Transportation Systems will increase traffic safety and eventually enable autonomous driving. Current forecasts predict that there will be more than 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020 and this is just the beginning.

However, it is also quite clear that on the way to a fully connected cyber-physical world still numerous research challenges have to be addressed. This includes aspects like the development of new energy- and resource-efficient connectivity solutions, comprehensive support of self-management and plug-and-play mechanisms, novel (usable) security approaches, seamless interoperability across heterogeneous networks and different domains, novel semantic technologies and middlewares, and many more. Also, in order to exploit the full potential of the IoTS, a close collaboration is required between academia, the traditional telecom industry, but also industries representing the different application domains, which probably will be among the main beneficiaries of the IoTS in future.

The goal of this workshop is to bring all these players together and to foster a better common understanding, to exchange visions and latest research results, to discuss promising new technologies and to highlight open research challenges. To this end, several renowned experts from industry have been invited, who will cover the topic in keynote speeches and invited talks from different perspectives in order to provide a rather comprehensive overview of all issues that have to be considered in this respect. Besides, the workshop will include a panel discussion on open research challenges and the way forward to finally make the IoTS become reality. Furthermore, it will feature a demo session, during which latest (practical) research results will be showcased and demonstrated.
You should not miss this exciting event if you want to:

  •     Learn more about the unprecedented opportunities and applications enabled by the IoTS
  •     Get in touch with leading experts and industry representatives and expand your professional network
  •     Understand the major research challenges and ongoing developments in this quickly growing area
  •     Get a better overview of relevant standardization bodies and initiatives
  •     See how your own research activities may contribute to the future success of the IoTS

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