Insurance IoT Europe Summit

7 June 2016 09:00 - 8 June 2016 17:00

Insurance IoT Europe (7-8 June 2016, London), is a two-day event bringing 150 insurers together to discuss how to thrive in a connected world as digital and big data collide. This is the only event focussing 100% on IoT for insurers.

A faculty of 30+ speakers working at the forefront of the industry will give insight on how the internet of things can be applied in insurance. The event shares what it takes to deliver an IoT strategy and better connect to customers. Speakers include C-level professionals, and Heads of Strategy, Innovation, Digital, and Product.

Business-critical items on the agenda include how to:

Create a business case by exploring multiple uses for IoT across your organisation: find application examples in the car, home, self, and commercial business lines as well as revenue generating models

Employ IoT as a value-added service for customers to gain their trust: determine best use-cases and value-added services to win your customer’s trust on data sharing

Identify new revenue streams and product opportunities: define the benefits new insurance products will bring to your business and use IoT to identify customer needs

Discover new risk models that move from reactive compensation to proactive protection: prepare for a fundamental shift in the way insurance models risk and find ways to reduce the claims and maximise profits

Overcome real-time data ownership and management issues: get to grips with who should own data and ways to deal with real-time data to unearth actionable insights.

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