Intel Workshop: Prototyping IoT Products with the Edison Board (50 seats – Free)

2 February 2016 17:45

This workshop is a repeat of the session held on the 9th of December, so if you have already participated please don’t RSVP. Thank you!

Learn how to setup and create new projects and deploy templates and sensors on an Edison board with the help of experienced Intel engineers and start building your IoT prototype!

This is an introductory session for beginners, so if you don’t know how to get started with an Intel Edison board this workshop will be just for you!

We will soon be holding other Edison workshops (intermediate and advanced level) for those more experienced members who are already familiar with the Edison board.

You can find out more about the Intel IoT Developer Kit at the Intel Developer Zone.

The Edison boards for this event will be kindly provided by Intel.

IMPORTANT: Please bring your own laptop with you.


– Get introduced to the Intel developers platform.

– Understand the benefit of using Intel Edison boards.

– Learn how to setup and deploy templates and sensors on Intel Edison boards.

Prereqs & Preparation

– Please bring your own laptop with you.

– Basic scripting knowledge required (Javascript / C++ / Java).

– Intel IoT XDK installation is strongly recommended to save you time during the workshop. Download the installer here. Select “Intel Edison Board Installer” for your OS (Windows, Linux or Mac OS X). The Intel XDK IoT User Guide can be found here.

– Windows users please also install Putty here:


5.45 – 6.05pm Check-in and welcome drinks

6:05 – 6.20pm Workshop opening

6:20 – 8.50pm Workshop session

8.50 – 9:45pm Pizza, drinks and networking

The Instructors

Charles Cai – Intel Innovator at Intel

Johnny Chan – Intel Innovator at Intel

Vladimir Shipov – Intel Innovator at Intel

More details about the event can be found at: