International Workshop on Consumer Centric Internet of Things

2 October 2015 09:00

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a novel paradigm and is shaping the evolution of the future Internet. It is estimated that around 50 billion things will be connected to the Internet by 2020. This will accelerate innovation by creating the means for machines to communicate several types of information among themselves and collaborate with peers to provide novel services. With such a huge volume of things connected to the Internet, enabling users to interact and control them in real time, our lives will be transformed. The IoT will empower users with better personal and remote healthcare, improved home automation, intelligent transportation, smart city and many more.

On the other hand, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is a paradigm that extends cloud computing and services to the edge of the network. Due to its proximity to end-users, dense geographical distribution, open platform and support for high mobility, it can provide services with reduced latency and improved QoS. Thus MEC is becoming an important enabler of IoT applications that demand real-time operations.
The current academic and industrial activities in the IoT are focused on architectures and protocols for efficient interconnection of heterogeneous objects and the creation of value-added services. But the success of the IoT strongly depends on adaptation of IoT products and services by consumers. Therefore it is necessary to encourage the development of a consumer centric IoT, directly related to the creation of an ecosystem considering the consumers at the core.

Recognizing the importance consumers and the benefits IoT could bring to the consumers, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Future Directions Committee on IoT is organizing a three day workshop to promote the initiatives on consumer centric IoT. This workshop will provide a platform for the PhD students, DIY & scientific communities and industry experts to engage in creating an ecosystem which considers consumers at the core of the IoT based products and services. There will also be a rapid prototyping session focusing on creating IoT applications for home control. At the end of the workshop, prizes will be awarded to the best three prototypes.

The workshop is organized in conjunction with Cyber Physical System (CPS) week organized by the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, UPM with IEEE CE Society Malaysia Chapter and IEEE CE Society Singapore Chapter. The workshop will take place at Universiti Putra Malaysia from 2-4 October 2015.

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