Internet of Things Association (IoTA)

5 October 2015 09:30

IoTA (part of the Smartex Group of Forums) meets quarterly at the Park Tower Knightsbridge in London, and offers the following services to its members and guests:

•An educative forum to gain and disseminate a common understanding of IoT technology, applications, standards and security.

•An environment where practitioners can discuss IOT case studies

•A support group where useful IoT and associated standards can be evaluated and endorsed

•A networking centre where all types of stakeholders can meet, share experiences and – often – do business together

•An information exchange for new IoT hardware, security, software and networking architectures and products can be exposed, discussed and understood

•Later on, an online forum to enable discussion and debate to continue outside the physical meetings

•A lobbying group to press Government and trade bodies to adopt the best standard(s), promote the most useful applications and to identify and support.

More details about the event can be found at: