Internet OF Things Conference Mumbai 2014

30 October 2014 09:00

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Big Promises & Big Changes Ahead

Internet of Things is the future and you are in the midst of a dynamic transformation.

It’s a big promise! The question here is – are we ready for it? Are we equipped to utilize the opportunity granted to us by this new technology?

Discover a Trillion-Dollar Opportunity!

The “Internet of Things India 2014” conference features talks by prominent speakers, exhibits by start-ups and networking sessions.

This is an opportunity for you to gain insights and grasp how Internet of Things will change and evolve the current systems.

It’s time companies took steps to position themselves for a new reality.

Why Attend?

  •     Find out new opportunities for various businesses and industries


  •     Hear what thought leaders are thinking


  •     Learn how you can exploit key business opportunities


  •     Meet and network with technologists, start-up entrepreneurs

And more

Be Ready for the Technology Change!

Internet of things will bring a new ecosystem. The impact will be felt on social developments, businesses, products, and services that will reshape the world.

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