Internet Of Things India Summit 2016

24 August 2016 08:30

The internet of things and M2M is now growing rapidly and is reaching different verticals and industries. India is one of the countries where a lot of innovation is happening around IoT across different verticals and technologies. The IoT ecosystem in India is mainly driven by 3 players: Government, Industry and Startups.

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that we are coming up with our annual flagship international conference on IoT/M2M -“Internet of things India Summit 2016- In corporate with M2M” scheduled to be held on 24th August at Courtyard Marriott, Mumbai, India.

Internet of Things India Summit 2016 will focus on:
Latest IoT/M2M trends & opportunities in India and worldwide.
Emerging verticals in IoT/M2M.
The future of industrial Internet of things.
How IoT/M2M creating business & services in India and worldwide.
New revenue streams in IoT/M2M ecosystems.
The impact of IoT/M2M on Indian and global economy.
Emerging IoT/M2m security & privacy challenges for business and enterprises.
How IoT/M2M data will help to drive innovation.
How software monetize as a driver for successful IoT/M2M business models.
How IoT/M2M wearable will take digital India to next level.
IoT/M2M cloud architectures and data success strategies.



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