Internet of Things and Smart Cities Ph.D. School 2014

8 September 2014 00:00 - 13 September 2014 06:00

Via Amerigo Vespucci, 4, 19032 Lerici La Spezia, Italy, Lerici La Spezia, Italy

The aim of the Ph.D. School is to address researchers to the forefront of research activity on Internet of Things & Smart Cities, by presenting state-of-the-art research together with the current and future challenges in building Smart Cities in an efficient and sustainable way, in order to provide a thorough overview of the main topics about IoT and Smart Cities and their envisioned integration. 
International speakers from academia and industry will give lectures tailoring their research field for an interdisciplinary audience. This year’s edition will focus on three keywords each tailoring a dedicated day in the technical program of the school. 
  • CONNECT > “Connecting smart objects”: provide an extensive overview of low-power communication technologies, with performance comparison which can be used to make choices for different application scenarios.
  • COLLECT > “Creating and transmitting data”: analyze different communication paradigms (REST, Publish/Subscribe, etc…) application-layer protocols targeting IoT, such as CoAP, MQTT, and other options.
  • CONSUME > “Understanding and working with data”: provide theoretical and practical concepts for storing, fetching, and analyzing data collected by IoT applications, with focus on Big Data analysis and Cloud for IoT.
The school will include “hands-on” sessions that students will attend in order to develop individual/group projects to put in practice what they learn and to actually build their own IoT application. 
Along with the technical program, a 1-day Business event will be included in the school’s program, in order to provide insights from industry and business, extend the vision of IoT and Smart Cities with concrete experiences, and give participants an opportunity to create new connections which might be an added value for their careers and activities. A dedicated discussion panel will focus on the interaction and the collaboration between academia and industry in order to depict the future vision of Smart Cities and IoT. 
One of the aims of this school is to allow young researchers to get in touch with Open Source/Hardware platforms in order to have the possibility during their careers to design and develop the next generation of IoT and Smart Cities frameworks and applications.