Internet of Things – Technology Trends and Applications

23 September 2015 09:30

The conference aims at providing a platform to share the ideas and trigger discussion on this emerging technology & its growing application. Since it is going to be a congregation of academicians, consultants, practitioners from the industry, researchers, students and others, the technical sessions would deliberate at length the various opportunities and challenges and also the need to formulate guiding policies for channelizing its business growth.

List of Conference Tracks (but not limited to):
 Intelligence and communication
 Challenge of interpretability, Integration
 Multi-Agent Systems (MAS);
 Knowledge Representation, Decision Making Strategies, Data Fusion  Pattern Recognition and Biometrics for the IoT
 Individual & Social behavior Analysis through IoT Sensing Mechanisms  Context Aware Data Management
 Environmental Monitoring, Network Surveillance
 Bio-inspired Intelligence, Neural Networks for IoT
 IoT Delivery Platforms–existing & emerging platforms & architectures for exposing & interacting with IoT
 IoT in Emerging Markets
 Threats and Security in IoT
 Applications in Retail, Transportation, Health-care, Safety and other sectors
 Business models

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