The internet of things in the UK: adoption, infrastructure and policy priorities

15 March 2016 08:30

Guest of Honour: Dan Byles, Chair, SmarterUK and Vice-President, Corporate Development, Living Plan-it

At this latest in the series of policy seminars on IoT organised by the Westminster eForum, delegates at this timely seminar will discuss latest issues and the future development of the internet of things sector throughout the UK.

As the production of M2M devices and innovative applications expands rapidly, delegates will discuss what can be learned from data on penetration and adoption by consumers, enterprises and the public sector and how barriers such as cost, compatibility and effectiveness are being tackled. Attendees will also assess progress in meeting the infrastructure needs of the sector and what is needed from central and local Government and industry in areas such as improving connectivity. Latest developments in smart spectrum management and innovation in areas like whitespace will also be discussed as innovators demand more bandwidth. Further areas for discussion include data protection and security concerns including wearables and intrusive technologies, the development of standards to promote compatibility, and the significance of further innovations at the early stages of development.

Dan Byles, Chair, SmarterUK and Vice-President, Corporate Development, Living Plan-it has agreed to deliver a keynote address at this seminar.

We are delighted that Gary Atkinson, Director of Emerging Technologies, ARM; Dr Chris Francis, Director, Government Relations, SAP; David Hill, Business Development Director, Retail, Open Energi; Tom Rebbeck, Research Director, Digital Economy, Analysys Mason and Emma Wright, Partner, Bond Dickinson have also agreed to speak at this early stage.

Matt Warman MP, Co-Chair, PICTFOR has agreed to chair a session at this seminar

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