Introduction to Beacons

28 May 2014 18:30

MAKERHAUS, 122 Northwest 36th Street, Seattle, WA 98107, USA, Seattle, USA

“Beacons are currently being installed in every Apple store, thousands of retail locations around America as well as MLB and NFL stadiums…yet no one seems to know exactly what beacons are, how they work or what their uses are. My goal is to start this Meetup off by introducing the basics of beacons and Bluetooth LE as well as demonstrating some of the platforms, hardware and services currently available on the market.

 If you are curious what beacons are, what beacons can do and which beacons to buy for your own projects – you are welcome to stop by and learn more. The talk will focus on Bluetooth LE, what the capabilities of beacons are and a demonstration of Estimote beacon technology.  
Will also touch on: Qualcomm Gimbal, Nomi, BlueCats and Roximity beacons and services.”
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