IoT Developers Day

20 April 2015 09:30 - 16 April 2015 18:00

The wide variety of topics around Internet of Things, open source and Java has made the IoT Developers Day 2014 to a big success. Companies like ING, Oracle, CGI, NS, Cisco and Ordina succeeded to inspire the international attendees with their enthralling presentations, in which different views and technologies were introduced. Lively workshops and hands on sessions were given by Vinicious and Yara Senger from Brazil, Gerrit Grunwald from Germany, Joachim Lindborg from Sweden, Eric Bariaux form Belgium, Augustin Pelaez from Columbia, Timon Veenstra, Klaas van Gend, Natalino Buso, Flavia Sequera, Roland van Beek, Joel Haasnoot, Gerard Boersema, Arjan Lamers, Paul Lamertsma and Arjan Lamers. Throughout the day, the attendees were actively networking around the exhibition, where our partners ING, Oracle, NS, Ordina, Cisco and CGI had decorated their stand. We can look back on a day full of innovation, inspiration and networking! We want to thank all the speakers, partners and visitors for their presence. The photos will be online soon, you will find them here on this website! Interested in the presentations of the speakers? They will be uploaded in the program as soon as we’ve received them.

Why IoT?

“You ain’t seen nothin’yet!” is the 1974 songtitle by the rockband BTO. This year this title emphasizes exactly the content of IoT Developer’s day 2014. Each second about 80 ‘things’ are connected to the Internet. Next year this probably will be 100 devices per second. Today, over 10 billion devices are continously connected to the internet. The estimates for 2020 range from 22 to 75 billion devices. When you combine these Internet-connected devices with people, processes and data, you can actually change the world, for real. The possibilities are endless. Cisco calls it “The Internet of Everything ‘and its value increases every time we commit to something new. Thus machina and GSM Associaton calculated that by 2020, $ 270 billion can be saved in health care. Within ten years IoT will generate $ 14 billion profit for companies by working more effeciently and by offering better services and products for their customers.

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