How IoT-enabled smart retail solution is transforming the shopping experiences

7 March 2018 00:00 - 7 March 2018 00:00

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The shopping experience has evolved in recent years. Smartphones, customer’s decision powers and choices have majorly influenced the shopping experiences of customers. This implies retailer and malls owners get least time to attract, interact and influence the customers in order to drive more sales and offer better shopping experiences. This is where Softweb Smart Retail – the contextual marketing platform for retailers and brand owners comes in handy.

With the in-depth knowledge of Ian O’Donnell, Director of Industry Solution – Microsoft and a renowned subject matter expert of retail industry, Softweb Solutions is bringing its latest webinar on March 7, 2018, to educate you with the capabilities of the smart retail solution. The webinar will cover every point that a retailer must know about Softweb Smart Retail and make you familiar with the abilities it provides to attract and capture customer attention whilst reducing the operational cost and energy consumption.

Irrespective of the size of the business, this can prove to be the best chance for retailers to understand the importance of this groundbreaking technology.

What is Softweb Smart Retail and other IoT platforms
Benefits and business cases
Softweb Smart Retail solution overview
Detailed insights from analytics
Road map to implementation
Examples and strategies