IoT & The Evolution of Healthcare

5 November 2015 18:00

Innovators are using new technologies to embed human bodies into the heart of the Internet of Things. As we become linked to technologies in new ways, and as our actions get translated to data for us as well as for our healthcare providers, our understanding of what is healthy will also shift.

THE MEME invites you to an evening of conversation where we will be looking at the role of IoT in Health. Join experienced leaders in the field as they discuss how they are researching, developing, and making new technology that will change the way we look at health.

We have three speakers confirmed for the panel: Kate Donovan (Consultant and Clinical Educator at Children’s Hospital Boston), Vitor Pamplona (Co-Founder and CTO at EyeNetra), and Milan Raj (Electrical Engineering Manager at MC10).

More details about the event can be found at: