IoT Live Online Boot Camp

25 April 2015 09:00

A Live Online Training on End to End IoT.

The 5 days IoT Expert Course will let you build you own IoT Device.

Yes, that’s true! You can earn an in-depth knowledge and experience on – How IoT Technology works?

Axelta IoT Academy is the world largest IoT Academy and have trained more than 500 professionals across the globe.

We are official training partners for Intel Corp.

Axelta Systems have developed a few IoT products and solutions.
This comprehensive training program on IoT covers End to End IoT Technology.

It starts from the Introduction of IoT and continues with IoT Architecture, Hardware and Software Platform, Network Protocols, Embedded Gateway/Channel, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Big Data Analytic and Visualization, IoT Security, Career Opportunities in IoT, etc.

After the concepts are covered, the participant perform the practical on Sensors, Embedded Platform, Connecting sensors to Cloud, Programming on Cloud Computing, Creating web services on Cloud, Big Data Management, Data Analytic and Report Generation, etc.

The participants also have choice to join a 3 day IoT Deep Dive Course.

The IoT Boot Camps are paid event.

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