IoT round table – How to use Power BI in your organization

8 April 2016 09:30

Once you have implemented Big Data solutions and data science, what do you do? How do you get useful insights from all the rows and columns in the spreadsheets and present it in a way that is easily understandable for all your employees? This is where Power BI comes in.

The easy to use interface allows creation of BI sites to share analyses and insights for everyone in your organization. It is capable of handling natural language which helps the user get quick and easy to understand answers to important business related questions. HTML5 ensures that you can view the results on any device from anywhere.

At our round table on April 8, we will cover how you can use Power BI in your organization.

The following topics will be covered in detail.

– Power BI – basic concepts

– Getting started with Power BI

– Dashboard tiles in Power BI

– Reports in Power BI

– Visualization types available in Power BI reports

– Various data connectors

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