IoT Scotland 2015

30 September 2015 09:00

The vision of an Internet of Things (IoT) predicts a world which redefines the notion of connectivity; a transition to a vast, all-encompassing web of interconnected devices which uses data to measure, calculate, evaluate and learn. This network would transcend the traditional comprehension of M2M in both capacity and scale, linking together billions of remote sensors and integrating everything from personal devices to large communications networks and energy infrastructure.

Because IoT is currently in a state of infancy, reporting has predominantly focused on low level consumer devices, identifiable from the insertion of the term ‘smart’ in a near paradoxical fashion in front of words like fridge, toaster or belt. In many respects this gimmicky application has trivialized the true potential IoT technology, clouding the full vision and giving premature rise to the inevitable hype fatigue. But there is no denying the potential, and when implemented at scale the socio-economic impact of the Internet of Things is staggering.

This vast network of devices could utilise the data at its disposal to optimise efficiency and help eradicate waste. Sensors could pre-empt mechanical breakdowns and determine the most safe and cost-effective time to schedule maintenance and repair. The entire energy system could be transformed into a single smart grid, attaining improved efficiency by ensuring supply was regulated in accordance with actual real-time demand. It is this capacity to use vast amounts of data to understand problems and identify solutions which underlines the true potential of IoT.

This conference will bring together technologists from industry, academia and government to explore the move towards an Internet of Things. The programme will contextualise IoT within the current technology landscape and assess the implications for business and wider society. While IoT is in its infancy, there are already some incredible examples which harness this exciting technology: the event will showcase the best of Scottish innovation, considering some local organisations that are making waves on the global IoT scene.

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