IoT Twitter #TTWchat

28 April 2016 09:00

The Mozilla Learning Network is excited to host an Internet of Things discussion with an all-day tweet chat! Hosted by @MozTeach, and using #TTWchat, we’ll post one question per hour (for a total of 10 questions) starting at 9am EST/ 1pm UTC/ 3pm CSET/ 6:30pm IST. Jump in and out of the discussion, and participate when it makes sense for you and your time zone.

Here are a few examples of questions we’ll be discussing during the chat:

* What does “user control” mean for you? How do we have agency using connected devices in our homes?
* Experimenting with Internet of Things can be frustrating. How do you encourage learning through mistakes?
* What role should “openness” play when making and using Internet of Things?

If you missed either of this month’s Internet of Things events, you can catch the archives here Mozilla Curriculum Workshop ( and Mozilla Learning Community Call (