IoT & U: The Technology Revolution in Healthcare & Wellness

19 May 2016 08:30

Hosted by Ball State University’s Intelligent Networked Devices Institute, Cisco Systems, Inc. and TechPoint

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the growing prevalence of smart objects in every area of our lives, from home to work. The potential impact on health and wellness fields is huge – some estimate that health IoT will be a trillion-dollar industry by 2020.

Join us as we explore the quickly-evolving opportunities and challenges that IoT will present to your organization:

  • The Impact of IoT on Health and Wellness
  • IoT Architecture
  • The Legal Aspects of IoT in Today’s World
  • Is IoT Secure?
  • Entrepreneurial IoT

Featuring speakers from:

Cisco Systems, IceMiller, Rook Security

Who should attend?

Hospital administrators, directors, healthcare/clinical managers, technicians, nurses, ICT administration, compliance officers, application engineers within the health and wellness industry

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