IoTDay Riacho

9 April 2014 13:00

The proposal involves the IoTDay Riacho on the issue of environmental quality of the stock and how technologies DIY monitoring (do it yourself) can help the surrounding population and park goers with an indication of water quality.
The Parque Estoril is on the banks of the Rio Grande reservoir under the responsibility of Sabesp. In recent years the local people and park managers have started having difficulties in obtaining water quality data. Different sources claim heavy metals and illegal dumping of sewage in the water but there are no official figures to verify these claims.
The idea is to share experiences of monitoring that already exist and outline a proposal to be developed and applied in Parque Estoril. A low cost project that serves to empower the local population and also for park managers.
13h – Maira Begalli, presentation IOTDay / IoTCoucil
13:30 – Experience in Monitoring Water Quality, with Dan Robson .
14:30 – Juan Pablo Avila Julca (UFABC) – Robotic System for Inspection of submarine offshore structures developed in UFABC (tbc) 
15.30 – Make yourself your sensors – San Guima
16:30 – Discussion and possible future projects to Parque Estoril
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