IoTStockhom: IoT Day pre-event April 8th

8 April 2014 18:00

For the evening before the International IoT Day we have two really exciting speakers lined up. They will talk about everything from concept to the challenges of implementation in hardware.
Teenage Engineering
Jesper Kouthoofd is the founder and head of design at Teenage Engineering. He is an acclaimed director and has also co-founded Acne International.
With a history of interesting projects/products such as the connected and natural yet synthetic Absolut Choir and the OP-1 synthesizer and controller, Teenage Engineering’s next product is OD-11, the cloud speaker, based on the classic Carlsson speaker design. Jesper will take us through the thinking and making of OD-11 as well as some of the others.
Humans since 1982
Humans since 1982 are interested in interest itself. Their claim is to arouse curiosity by creating material hints of how the world might be. Both born in 1982, Per Emanuelsson (Sweden) and Bastian Bischoff (Germany) founded their studio in 2008 during their Master graduation at the School of Design and Crafts (HDK) Gothenburg. Before they met at HDK, Per completed a Master of Science at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Bastian studied Communication Design at HTWG in Konstanz, Germany. Since 2010 they are based in Stockholm. The Humans will present together with their engineer David Cox.
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