IoTTechspresso: Vorto Workshop Information Modeling Systems (IMS) for IoT Solution Design

4 February 2016 17:30

When developing an Internet-of-Things solution, one can draw upon a wide variety of connected devices, interconnection protocols & management systems from a range of vendors. However, there is little interoperability between these components due to the disparate industry and vendor specific implementations of the device abstraction layer or information models.

Bosch initiated Vorto- the IoT Information Model Repository project – to provide a means for standardizing these device information models. Such standardization will enable application developers to integrate a broad range of devices and platforms into their solutions without the need to develop vendor specific code.

Alexander Edelmann is a Principal Software Architect at Bosch Software Innovations and the technical leader of the Vorto open source project.  In this Techspresso meetup, Alexander will provide an introduction to Vorto and lead a hands-on demonstration of how the tool can help you develop compelling IoT-enabled solutions using a broad range of components.

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