Legal and Business Forum on the Internet of Things – American Conference Institute

23 April 2015 07:15 - 24 April 2015 18:15

The health care industry is experiencing a transformation as the introduction of smart connected devices provides a greater array of life-saving and health monitoring options for patients.  It is clear that IoT devices offer tangible benefits as patients use wearable devices to track their overall wellness, or opt for implanted pacemakers that wirelessly monitor their heart conditions.  However, IoT has also proven to be a disruptive force to the health care industry as the legal impact continues to be explored.

  •     Understanding when your mobile app or medical device falls under FDA regulation Reviewing   the different class levels of medical devices
  •     Examining the FDA’s draft guidance on Medical Device Data Systems (“MDDS”)
  •     Exploring the impact of the FCC’s CONNECT2HEALTHFCC task force to regulate mHealth devices
  •     Analyzing when your company is bound by HIPAA
  •     Knowing when you may be bound by state privacy and security rules even when HIPAA does not apply
  •     Dissecting the civil penalties for HIPAA violations
  •     Deciphering the liability and compliance requirements for business associates under the January 2013 omnibus final rule
  •     Comprehending contracting issues with third parties and identifying when you must execute a business associate agreement, or other data use agreements
  •     Evaluating reimbursement standards for health insurance payors, including Medicare and Medicaid


Steve Abrahamson

Director, Product Security Engineering

GE Healthcare

(Waukesha, WI)

Ryan P. Blaney


Cozen O’Connor

(Washington, DC)

Sonny Vu

CEO, Chairman, and Founder

Misfit Wearables

(Salem, NH)

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