Making IoT Real using Azure IoT Suite

4 May 2017 17:30 - 4 May 2017 19:30

4025 MPR, 7000 State Highway 161, Irving, TX, 75039


The Internet of Things is well on its way to become an integral part of businesses the world over. But to take the full advantage of IoT, businesses need to streamline the process of data collection and storage to be able to perform various types of analysis.

This is where Azure IoT Suite plays an important role of bringing all the data points together on a single platform which allows businesses to take advantage of enhanced security, real-time data analysis, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and much more. This presentation will cover what you need to get started building IoT solutions using the Microsoft Azure platform.


Introduction: Microsoft Azure IoT Suite
Understanding of the IoT Hub, Event Hubs and Stream Analytics
How to design and implement IoT solutions with Azure IoT
Industrial use cases