Mapping Edinburgh’s IoT

9 April 2013 13:00 - 9 April 2013 13:30

In the spirit of IoT, this short event will aim to connect as many people and projects across Edinburgh that are IoT related.

Using virtual and actual stickies, Post-Its and Tweets people are encouraged to raise a flag for their project and interest in the Internet of Things. All notes will be mapped on to a large wall / screen to represent the trans-disciplinary expertise that lies in Edinburgh and it’s locale.
Please pop in to the Informatics Forum from 1pm-1.30pm to tag your project/name.
Or simply tweet including the #edinIoT with your name, project and/or technology.
All projects / notes will be collated into an online map of activity.
Location Details: The mapping will take place across the screens in G.07/G.07A (large rooms on the left as you enter the Forum on the ground floor).
For more information or to get your name/research on the map please contact