Microsoft Cloud Workshop: IoT on the Edge

9 February 2018 09:00 - 9 February 2018 15:30

Microsoft Technology Center - Irving, TX, Irving, 75039

Microsoft Cloud Workshops are the closest thing to building your own Azure solution. Experts will guide attendees through real case studies, architecture design whiteboarding, and full end-to-end solution hackathons.

IoT on the Edge Case Study & Hackathon:
The goal of this hackathon is to develop a POC-quality IoT Edge solution that shows how the following solution could be developed
AdventureWorks Manufacturing (AWM), a discrete manufacturer of both aluminum and wooden baseball bats, wants to centrally and remotely monitor their production line
A critical, and often failing, component of their production lines are the motors that drive their industrial lathes
AWM wishes to provide the monitoring data to the cloud for use by their operations managers
However, the overheating of a lathe motor is time-critical and requires local warning and immediate action by the line operator
AWM wishes to implement a hybrid IoT solution whereby both telemetry and alert data is sent to the cloud for central monitoring, yet time-critical alerting of motor temperatures runs on the Edge

Technologies Covered:
Azure IoT Remote Monitoring Pre-Configured Solution
Azure IoT Hub
Azure IoT Edge
Azure Stream Analytics (running on Edge)
Azure Functions (running on Edge)

Who should attend these workshops?
IoT solution architects
IoT solution developers

Microsoft Technology Center – Irving, TX
7000 State Highway 161, Building LC1
Irving, TX 75039